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Diversity at the University

Grant Submittal Resources

This website is intended to assist with gathering information on programs and statistics pertaining to diversity and diversity efforts at the University of Rochester.  The site offers “boiler plate” text that you can cut and paste into your grant submission, as well as additional information and resources for you to explore should your specific grant demand more tailored or detailed answers.  The Office of Faculty Development and Diversity is more than happy to assist with any questions, feel free to contact or at 585-273-4297 to discuss.

Applying for a Grant

Allow time to interface with University officials and avail yourself of some of the resources here to be certain that you fulfill all regulatory requirements.

In each school, efforts are underway to increase the diversity of faculty, students, and staff.  Some of these efforts are supported by external funding and others are part of the institutional infrastructure.  Resources and programs described below may help with your grant submission.  Our office and the Faculty Diversity Officers may also be able to help.

Strategic Vision for Diversity

The University of Rochester strives to reflect and celebrate the richness of diversity among individuals and groups.

An Inclusive Community

The University of Rochester envisions itself as a community that welcomes, encourages, and supports individuals who desire to contribute to and benefit from the institution’s missions of teaching, research, patient care, performance, and community service. In a pluralistic culture, that community includes faculty, students, and staff who represent important differences. Members of the University’s community come from different geographical areas, represent differences in ethnicities, religious beliefs, values, and points of view; they may be physically different, have different intellectual interests, or have different abilities. The University not only welcomes such differences in the members of its community but, in fulfilling its own missions and in preparing the leaders of tomorrow’s world who will necessarily be operating in an equally wide-ranging environment, it actively seeks to recruit and include them in all aspects of the institution’s operations. More here.

Grant Research

The Office of Faculty Development and Diversity is charged with a new initiative to research and monitor faculty development and diversity related grants University-wide.  We have a staff member, Ashley Campbell, who is able to search for grants on your behalf.  Please contact her at 585-273-4297 or to discuss.